Ashley Loxton

One Man Powerhouse, 2019

oil and acrylic eggshell on found image/billboard print
150 x 120 cm 

in aid of St Mungo's

Ashley Loxton:

"There is a duality in my practice, between ambiguity and appropriation. I use abstraction to produce both considered and experimental paintings. I am interested in contrasts, mixing material from books and billboards, with the fluidity of paint; orchestrating a playful imbalance between image and manipulation, mediation and discourse, and nostalgia.

Additionally, my attachment to material culture, trends and obsessions has prompted me to extract meaning and identity from objects, ephemera, and found imagery. 

In these large scale paintings, there is an immediacy in method. Despite the initial intention to simply reconfigure adverts and imagery and to make one-away interventions, post-rationality often highlights an emotional value to the pieces that I never realised during the making process."