Perce Jerrom

We Live In A Society, 2019

Digital print on acetate
59.4 x 84.1 cm

in aid of NHS Charities Together

The phrase ‘We Live In A Society’ became popularised after Heath Ledger’s notorious depiction of the character ‘Joker’ in the 2008 film the Dark Knight Rises, although his character never actually quotes the line in the film it was employed subsequently in memes. It was utilized to express that western society has flaws and inequality, in this instance though the statement is usually made by young white male gamers, to describe their feelings of oppression. The work was designed to mimic but also accentuate glossy film promotional material, having been printed on acetate and designed to fit standard A1 poster dimensions.


Perce Jerrom

DOOMER, 2018

Plasterboard, PVA

Variable dimensions

in aid of NHS Charities Together

A Doomer is a term used to describe a variation of the Wojak (feels guy) character, these simple MS paint illustrations are created to accompany text describing users thoughts, feelings and experiences on forum based websites like 4chan. The Doomer usually portrays a depressed individual who is consumed by a hopeless worldview, it is an ideology steeped in pessimism. Utilising plasterboard this work refers to the domestic situation many of these individuals might find themselves trapped within. The font used is based on the classic typeface created for the Doom video game franchise, the first-person shooter is renowned for its violent hyper-masculine gameplay.


Perce Jerrom

Charm, 2018

Concrete, Black pigment, Nail

in aid of NHS Charities Together

This sculpture depicts the often-repeated scenario of someone putting a frozen pizza in the oven and passing out due to being inebriated. Upon waking with their home filled with smoke they would find the carbonised item in their oven hours later. The sculpture represents an artefact of someone experiencing peter pan syndrome (an affliction mostly seen in men which presents an inability to grow up). The display of this work having been nailed to the wall depicts something of almost totemic value within a domestic setting, it adds a notion of pride and acceptance for the sorry state this individual might be living in.

Perce Jerrom was born in Bristol (UK) in 1985. He graduated from his BA in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University in 2009, and subsequently attended an unaccredited MA at School Of The Damned in 2015. He recently completed and was awarded a Distinction at the Fine Art MFA Programme at Goldsmiths University. 

Working between video, installation, sculpture and print he has recently been investigating toxic masculinity online and its real-world implications. He has exhibited work at Gossamer Fog (London) Art-O-Rama (Marseille) Kreuzberg Pavillion (Berlin) Bikini Wax (Mexico City) CBS (Liverpool) and Art Exchange Gallery (Colchester). He has attended residencies at Spare Room Residency (Liverpool), Casa Maauad in (Mexico City) Lac Esarq in (Guadalajara, Mexico) STCFTHOTS (Denmark). Awards include the John Brookes Memorial Prize, A studio with Departure Gallery, The Goldsmiths Student Scholarship and the Gilbert Bayes Scholarship.